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April Newsletter, Chairman's resignation and data protection

posted 26 Apr 2018, 12:36 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 26 Apr 2018, 12:47 ]

Our latest newsletter is now available online.

Within the newsletter, you can read our Chairman's recent letter of resignation, which was accepted with much regret by the Committee on behalf of the Society's members. The Society thanks Chris for his dedication and hard work in support of Baldock and the Society's objectives over the past 30 years.

Also in this edition, an update on the local plan, a report on the Society's last meeting and a planning update. 

Data protection requirements:

In order to ensure we are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force from 25 May 2018, the Committee has written to all members to seek their opt-in to continued communications from us. 

Society events announced for 17th and 19th May 2018

posted 30 Mar 2018, 07:52 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 30 Mar 2018, 07:56 ]

We are pleased to announce the following events:

Thursday, 17th May at 8pm at Baldock Community Centre
Members' evening and illustrated talk by Janet Hammond

Saturday, 19th May 10.00 - 16.00 at Baldock Community Centre
The Baldock Society will have a display showing pictures of Old Baldock in the Community Centre as part of the Baldock Street Fair (which this year will have a Royal Marriage theme this year rather than an historic one)

Committee update / planning application response

posted 9 May 2017, 11:32 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 9 May 2017, 11:33 ]

Further to the decision of members and the committee at January's AGM, the committee held its final regular face-to-face meeting in February. Most meetings are now conducted electronically, making meetings easier to convene and more responsive to the timings of matters which arise.

You can find all the minutes of the committee's meetings on our committee minutes page.

In follow up to April's committee exchange, our Chairman has written to Baldock's councillors with concerns on a proposed development in Park Street.

With respect to planning application 17/00592/1 (external link) for Aby Cottage, Park Street, Baldock, SG7 6DY, the committee has noted that the vehicle egress from the front of Unit 2 on the corner is considered dangerous due to it being blind in both directions for both pedestrians and road users. This is on one of the main routes from the school to the High Street for the children from the school.

Councillor Michael Muir has responded to note that he would have a look at the application.

The committee meets by email / April newsletter published

posted 3 Apr 2017, 12:41 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 3 Apr 2017, 12:59 ]

The committee conducted business by email for the first time in March. As the minutes show, this worked well and there was a lively discussion.

The latest Newsletter explains the way the Society will operate in the foreseeable future and gives details of our next two activities:
  • photos of Old Baldock at the Community Centre during the Street Fair in May;
  • our next meeting on 15 June.

Remember you can see past editions of our newsletter on the newsletters page, and all committee minutes on the committee minutes page.

AGM confirms continuation of the Baldock Society with a new membership approach

posted 9 Feb 2017, 12:53 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 9 Feb 2017, 12:54 ]

The main business at the 2017 AGM was to determine the way forward for the Society
, which as previously reported, was subject to the proposal of dissolution.

27 members present instead voted to accept an alternative proposal, consisting of:
  • A new membership charging model which will stand for the foreseeable future, reflective of a reduction in general meetings which had become increasingly difficult to sustain;
  • Changes to the constitution, which alter the frequency and quorum of Committee meetings in response to the change in membership arrangements. The changes to the constitution will be formally ratified at the next general meeting, expected to take place in mid-2017.
Moving forward, the Committee will be focused on representing its members to achieve the Society's objectives, particularly in terms of monitoring and responding to planning consultations as they affect the town.

The Society will continue to welcome new members, who alongside established members, may apply to join as members of the Committee. This offers the opportunity to directly contribute to the Society's representations.

The Committee would like to express its thanks to the membership, for their determined view that the Society should continue its work.

You will find the minutes of our AGM, which contain the full detail, on our general meetings page.

Dates for the diary:

13th May (Saturday): Baldock Street Fair: Baldock Society display of historic photographs in the Community Centre.

15th June (Thursday): Members Evening at 20.00 in the Community Centre.

Proposals for the Society's future - see our latest newsletter and come to the AGM

posted 13 Jan 2017, 03:22 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 13 Jan 2017, 03:25 ]

In our latest newsletter, our Chairman explains the influence that members' comments have had on the committee's proposals for the future of the Society.

So please come to our Annual General Meeting at 8pm on 19th January in Baldock Community Centre, to hear the latest ideas about the future of the Society and to have your say on how we move forward.

You can view the newsletter directly here and also on our Newsletters page.

Our AGM invitation poster is attached below.

Draft Local Plan 2011-2031 consultation - November newsletter

posted 5 Nov 2016, 14:47 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 5 Nov 2016, 14:48 ]

As the most important stage of the consultation about the Local Plan has now been reached, a summary and links to the NHDC website have been included in our November newsletter so that you can make your own comments.

Please be aware that none of the comments made so far will be considered now and so any points you think should be taken into consideration must be made again.

Our Councillors are holding a meeting to help us know what to say and how to interpret the forms on Wednesday 9th November at 6.30pm in Knights Templar School. Do attend if you can.

Proposal to dissolve The Baldock Society

posted 11 Sep 2016, 02:08 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 11 Sep 2016, 02:18 ]

After much consideration, the Committee have decided to propose a motion to members, to dissolve the Baldock Society from 2017.

Please see our latest newsletter for full details of the proposal, its reasons and what happens next.

If you would like to speak to us about this, please attend our next Members' meeting on Thursday 15 September, from 8pm in Baldock Community Centre.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us.

In advance of any decision on dissolution, the Committee would like to express its sincere thanks to everyone who has supported our work for over four decades.

March newsletter

posted 14 Mar 2016, 14:50 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 14 Mar 2016, 14:50 ]

Take a look at our latest newsletter, which is available on the newsletter page.

Whilst there's not much to report in Baldock this month, a committee to try to influence the Local Plan is a step closer to being set up. We also include a brief report on our January 2016 AGM - minutes and other documents on the AGM are available here. New members are welcome.

Minutes of the 2016 AGM published

posted 6 Mar 2016, 12:24 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 6 Mar 2016, 12:26 ]

We have now published the minutes of our AGM, which was held on Thursday 21st January 2016.

The question of parking on London Road and roads nearby was raised at the AGM. Our Chairman raised the matter with Councillor Jim McNally and received a reply, which we have published alongside the minutes. We are also aware that the residents of Anchor Road and Pryor Road are running a petition because they believe the parking at the end of their roads is dangerous.

You'll find the minutes and Councillor McNally's reply on our general meeting notes and documents page.

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