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Not sure how to respond to the housing consultation? Here are some points you will find useful...

posted 25 Jan 2015, 12:26 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 25 Jan 2015, 12:27 ]
Here are some points prepared by Baldock Society Committee member Michael Bingham after our January Committee meeting which you could make in support of your response to the Housing proposals put forward as the Preferred Options.

These are by no means exhaustive and there are others in recent articles on our website and in the January Newsletter. You may also wish to object to other sites in Baldock which you find particularly inappropriate due to their position or size.
  1. The Council should consider whether the overall scale of development proposed for North Hertfordshire is appropriate, taking into account the extent of Green Belt covering the district.

  2. More should be done to identify other land that may be suitable for development, by working in a more proactive way with landowners and neighbouring councils. This applies particularly to land outside the Green Belt, including the scope for a new settlement around Ashwell & Morden station.

  3. The Council has not properly explained why a number of suitable sites are not being taken forward in preference to the over-development of Baldock. This includes land to the west of Stevenage; at Hitchin; and at Knebworth.

  4. The proposed distribution of development is is not just unfair to Baldock but also extremely unbalanced - it would not deliver the most housing in the places where it is most needed.

  5. The scale of housing proposed for Baldock would be extremely damaging to the character of the town. Baldock is a place of great historical importance and has a strong community spirit. Doubling its size risks destroying the things that make Baldock special.

  6. The highways impacts of the scale of development proposed at Baldock are likely to be particularly damaging, even if a new road were to be built to access the Blackhorse Farm site (site BA1). The Council has produced no evidence to show what this impact would be, or how it would be managed.

  7. The major development proposed at Blackhorse Farm (site BA1) would be particularly damaging due to its landscape harm, traffic impact and impact on the Ivel Springs local nature reserve and wildlife site.

  8. The draft plan lacks any vision for the future of Baldock (or any other towns). It reads as an exercise in expediency - driven by the easiest options to accommodate housing rather than creating a positive vision for our future.

When responding, do remember to state which site you are referring to and give the site reference (see below).

BA1    Blackhorse Farm (2800 dwellings)
BA2    Land west of Clothall Road (260 dwellings)
BA3    Land south of Clothall Common (214 dwellings)
BA4    Land east of Clothall Common (85 dwellings)
BA5    Land off Yeomanry Drive (15 dwellings)
BA6    Land at Icknield Way (14 dwellings)
BA7    land rear of Clare Crescent (9 dwellings)
BA8    Works, Station Road (11 dwellings)
BA9    Adjoining Raban Court (6 dwellings)

Consultation documents and response forms are also available in the Library and at the Council Offices.

Remember that the responses / objections have to be at the Council Offices before 5p.m. on Friday, 6th February or they won't be taken into account.

You can hand them in at the Library (but it isn't open on a Friday) or you can submit electronically but keep the 5p.m. deadline in mind. It isn't a "done deal" and it is worthwhile writing in.