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Baldock Town Hall at risk - register your support to help us try and save it!

posted 20 Feb 2011, 06:55 by The Baldock Society   [ updated 22 Jan 2012, 09:56 ]
On 22 March 2011, a meeting of NHDC's full Council will decide which of their properties are to be considered for disposal. 
Baldock Town Hall is on the disposals list.

A new Town Hall Group has been formed from representatives of various organisations, to try to save the Town Hall for the town.  We believe that:
  • There is a demand for more halls/meeting space in the town. The Town Hall Group has investigated possible uses for the building which will not conflict with bookings at either the Community Centre or any other halls in the town.  The intention is for it to be very broadly ‘arts-based’, to allow a variety of uses such as performances (plays, concerts, shows, films), exhibitions (painting, photography, craft), general interest (writing workshops, book groups, singing groups), dances (ballroom, ceilidhs, salsa), etc.

  • There is a viable case for an arts/theatre/film centre which will include the museum.

  • The Town Hall was once a handsome building and could be restored to be an enhancement to the town.

  • The Council should abide by the terms of the gift by which the land on which the Town Hall stands was given to the town.

The Town Hall Group has petitioned the Baldock and District Area Committee of NHDC for a postponement of any decision about disposal to give us time to present a viable alternative plan.

The Baldock Area Committee (Steve Jarvis, Marilyn Kirkland, Ian Knighton, Michael Muir, Michael Weeks and Andrew Young) has agreed to recommend this and has suggested we receive as much support from their officers, as Hitchin received.
  • This recommendation has to go to the Council’s Cabinet for approval.

  • We need to apply as much public pressure as possible to ensure that NHDC can see we have a wide base of support. 
If you would like to give the group your support, please complete and send the form attached below or email enquiries@baldockmail.org.uk by 14 March 2011, saying that you support the Town Hall Group and tell us if you would like to be contacted further.

Thank you in advance,

Chris Gomm, Chairman of The Baldock Society and Town Hall Group
The Baldock Society,
20 Feb 2011, 07:16